Missing features

Here’s a list of known AutoCAD features that Project Butterfly does not support… yet.

Polylines thickness:
We don’t support the variable “thickness” of objects which determine the length of the object in 3D.

Dimension background – We don’t support colored background of dimensions if there is one.
Jogged dimension – We don’t display the jogged part of linear/angular dimensions.

Point Style:
Point is displayed without its style.

Visibility State – We don’t support switching between visibility states, which turns on/off different components in a block.

We don’t support Dynamic blocks.

Block Colors – We don’t support in Color By Layer for a block inside a block.

Xclip of Xrefs – we don’t support turning Xclip off, and polygon boundary for Xclip.

We don’t support Insert / bind (insert the Xref’s blocks and layers as part of the drawing).

Xrefs inside blocks – we don’t display Xrefs that are located inside a block in the drawing.

We don’t support any kind of Xbind (blocks, layers, styles).

Multi selection is limited to 30 objects

Only top view is supported. All other views are not supported and will be displayed as Top view.

We allow editing on Locked layers and we don’t display indication of locked layer.

We don’t support Xclip, quality, transparency, frame setting of raster image.

Viewport clip – We don’t support. We display both the Viewport’s special frame (if one was created) and the entire drawing, instead of just what was clipped.

We don’t display the spline by the correct control points and we don’t display spline with only 2 points.


Text properties- we don’t support using %% to set different properties on Single Line text (%%P, %%U,%%C).

Fill Mode:
Fill Mode state for solids and wide polylines – we always display them full.

Wipeout objects are not displayed.

Draw Order:
Objects order is different than in AutoCAD.

We don’t support using Screening and Grayscale CTBs.

OLE images are not displayed

Tolerance objects are not displayed

Polygon Mesh
We don’t support polygon mesh that are not of type simple mesh.

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