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Notice: We have a new blog

Today we launched a new blog for Project Butterfly here. We’re relaunching our blog with a new and exciting design. This blog here will no longer be updated, so make sure to update your bookmarks. As part of the new blog we’re launching a section with tutorials and walkthroughs. In it you’ll find help and […]

New Butterfly Version is Simpler and Stronger

Last week we updated Project Butterfly. That makes this release the 6th since our first launch. Each time we do our best to bring you new features and tools, but we also try to keep the application easy to use. In this version we did three things: We simplified the sharing process, added new tools […]

Butterfly for 3D Artists and Designers

Project Butterfly addresses a wide range of professionals that make use of CAD in their work. Today we’ll show you how Butterfly can help 3D artists, designers and renderers accelerate their design process and finish projects ahead of time. If you know any architectural renderers, now would be the time to share this post with […]

Building for professionals and consumers

In this post we want to share with you some of the thoughts we had when we faced tough interface design dilemmas during the making of Project Butterfly. As we probably mentioned before, Butterfly is targeted at both CAD professionals and their business partners. The latter might not be so proficient in CAD software and […]

The Philosophy Behind Project Butterfly

In a recent post we mentioned that Butterfly is meant for accelerating designers’ work and reducing the time wasted on tech-supporting different computer software. In this post we’d like to bring you some more insight on that subject. The CAD world has become pretty well-standardized. Microsoft Outlook, Zip files, PDF files, FTP servers and more […]

A New Version of Butterfly Hits the Web

Hi everyone, Today we deployed a new version of Butterfly, and it’s got a handful of new features you can all use now. Just log on to Butterfly. Here is what’s new: Support for complex linetypes has been added – now you can draw or modify objects with complex linetypes. A lot of users have requested […]

Project Butterfly as a Smart FTP

FTP and other file-sending applications and services have become a standard in the industry. They are essential today if you want to share large files or an entire project dataset. By using Project Butterfly as your online storage service, you can open your drawings from within your Web browser, without any external software. When we […]

The Crop Tool

Have you tried enriching your reviews by using the crop tool? The crop tool allows you to send your reviewers only a part of your drawing. Nowadays, there is no way to send a certain part of your drawing while keeping it editable and interactive. At best, you can export it to PDF or JPG. […]

Feature Request

Hi everyone, We hope you had the chance to try the new version of Project Butterfly. We want to further improve the way Butterfly displays different objects and styles, and we also want to add more drawing tools to the mix. To really answer the users’ needs we need your input on the matter. Vote […]

New version – More Accurate and with Higher Fidelity

Over the last weeks we’ve worked hard on improving Butterfly’s drawing and displaying abilities. We focused on enhancing display accuracy  and on the overall usability of the application, all based on user feedback. Butterfly can now accurately render Multiline text. In addition, text symbols (%%) are now supported. You can now use the layers drop-down list to change […]