The Crop Tool

Have you tried enriching your reviews by using the crop tool?

The crop tool allows you to send your reviewers only a part of your drawing.

Nowadays, there is no way to send a certain part of your drawing while keeping it editable and interactive. At best, you can export it to PDF or JPG.

You might also want to have your reviewer focus on a certain part or issue of your design. Another reason to use the crop tool is to hide areas of your design that are confidential, or parts that you’e just not ready to share yet.

How to crop?

  1. Open a drawing you’d like to review.
  2. Start a review by clicking on the “Share and Collaborate” button, and then selecting “Review”.
  3. On the ribbon you will have a “Crop” button. Click on it.
  4. Adjust your crop via the grabbing points and hit “Apply Crop”.

If you want to change or remove an applied crop, click again on the “Crop” button in the ribbon.

Your reviewer will only see what’s inside the crop area. The crop is identified by the gray dashed border around it, as illustrated above.

Your reviewer can’t select or modify any object that is outside the cropping area. Objects that are in the cropped area but stretch outside of it – can be modified.

We hope you’ll find this feature useful in your reviews.


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  1. ipselute
    Posted May 7, 2010 at 2:10 AM | Permalink

    Crop Tool is supercool. i’ve been looking for such an option for a long time.

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