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A common problem in many businesses is that while programs are very good at designing, developing and creating something, they often forget the final, and a very important step – presentation.

Sure, you can design a great bridge foundation, or you’ve got innovative way to save on a building’s cooling expenses. Your client needs to see that modification, and not only at the end of a project, but all through it so no other problems occur later on.

The client’s decision making process will most likely vary based upon his experience. You don’t want him downloading software he’ll probably never use again, and mess with lengthy registration processes, right? Nobody guarantees you that even then, your client will see your design like you intended.

Butterfly can help!

There are various ways of passing on information to a client in Butterfly. You can walk a client through using co-edit, and you can publish a link to a company’s intranet (example will be given later). My favorite way to present is to use review sessions. I have written about reviews before, but now I’ll just focus on the presentation aspect of reviewing.

Want to know what are reviews? Watch this video:

So do you prepare a drawing for presentation? Simple.

Open the drawing you want to present, turn off any undesired layers, zoom in or out to your desired view, and if you wish – you can change the plot style by going to the view tab on the ribbon, and change it in the View Mode button. Then just start a review session by clicking the “Start a Review” button, and follow the simple steps on the screen.

Note that you didn’t even have to send any files to your client – so there’s no mess with missing xrefs or fonts!

The result:

Click here to open this drawing in Butterfly:

Got questions? Do you have tips on how to communicate with clients? Comment here or write to us!

Asaf Sagi, product manager


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