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In our last poll we wanted to know your biggest pain points in daily CAD work. I must say I was not surprised at all.

The most common pain point was missing files and file incompatibility issues. The same problem exists in a wide range of businesses and practices, such as film making, graphic design, programming, and more. Even the most common office tasks of forwarding a document or presentation usually run into missing files problem, not to mention version incompatibility.

Project Butterfly offers an alternative to email attachments, using the Share feature.

When you import a design to Butterfly with the accompanying fonts files, reference files and plot styles, they become bundled with your design. In Project Butterfly, sharing a design is the ability to send a secure invitation to one or more people, and they can then access your drawing using a link, and not endless file attachments. The link they receive takes them to Project Butterfly – even if they don’t have a Butterfly account. You can invite anyone!

Because your invitees see the design in Project Butterfly, they will see the design exactly the way you do. All you have to share with them is the master DWG file, and the design resources bundle themselves automatically.

Want your invitees to just view the drawing and not make modifications to it? No problem. Project Butterfly addresses security in a top priority, so we have permission controls built it to all collaborative features. When you share a drawing you can also restrict your invitees from downloading the DWG to their computer.

Put an end to file attachment chaos, start sharing your designs with Project Butterfly. Here’s a video to show you how:


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