Go Back in Time with Project Butterfly

Does this look familiar?

Wouldn’t it be nicer to have just one file, and it would include all the different versions it? It is nice, let me tell you.

The timeline

I kind of spoiled it for you, but Project Butterfly has just that.

Ever tried looking for a specific revision you made to a staircase sometime during April? You had to open, close, open, close a large number of DWGs. Butterfly eases and speeds up this process. How about that?

In Project Butterfly you have a single file for each design, and all the changes that were made on it over time are saved onto the drawing Timeline. The Timeline keeps track of your versions and all discussion carried over it during co-editing or review.

Review window

Changes that were made to the drawing in Butterfly also show up as trackable events:

Every change made in Butterfly, whether it’s from a share, co-edit, review or just editing yourself – will appear as an event which you can track. If you import a new version after editing in AutoCAD, it will make itself the newest version on the Timeline and you could go back in time to previous versions – but it will not show you the changes made, event by event. We realize that a version comparing feature is valuable to you, so we are currently working on that too.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.
Asaf Sagi,
Product Manager.


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